Sydney Festival/Riverside Theatres, Parramatta, January 2017

Based on an ancient tradition of breaking bread and storytelling, Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta is turning the genre on its head with a contemporary, subversive, Western Sydney twist.

This is a feast, not just of food, but also of storytelling. Don’t miss out on these tales, as our story tellers delve into universal themes of family, generational differences, love, status, money and sex.

“Hakawati is original, fresh and thought provoking. It is not at all what I had expected but far more. It is a performance that highlights so many contemporary issues; immigration, integration and dislocation amongst others – all issues and challenges faced by those in new lands.” Australian Stage

Read the stories here.


Olivia Rose, Dorje Michael Swallow, Sandy Gore, Sal Sharah
Adagio Performers –Michael Stone, Emma Macpherson 


Director – Wayne Harrison
Designer –Martin Kinnane
Dramaturg –Aanisa Vylet
Production Manager – Damion Holling
Stage Manager – Amy Morcom
Assistant Stage Manager – Johanna Puglisi
Executive Producer – Joanne Kee
Company Coordinator – Clare Spillman

Read The Sydney Morning Herald article HERE

“Hakawati is an irresistible concept and beautifully realised: who doesn’t love good food, good wine and intriguing stories? Who doesn’t enjoy the company of fine actors? What’s not to like? Rhetorical questions because it’s one of those rare occasions when promise and delivery meet in the middle and create a unique and delightful experience.” Stage Noise


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