The One Day of the Year

by Alan Seymour

Finborough Theatre, London, April 2015

For Alf’s son Hughie, reacting against everything his father stands for, ANZAC Day is a just an out-of-date nationalist nostalgia fest, so he decides to do a photo-essay for a magazine portraying the “real” celebration of the day: ex-servicemen passed out in the gutter in an alcoholic stupor…

Marking the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign and taking place during a year of world-wide ceremonies commemorating the battle, the production was presented as part of the annual Australia and New Zealand Festival of Literature and Arts.

CAST: Paul Haley, Mark Little, Fiona Press, Adele Querol, James William Wright

Directed by Wayne Harrison

Designed by Catherine Morgan

Costumes by Holly Rose Henshaw

Lighting by Marec Joyce

Sound by Chris Drohan

Presented by Defibrillator in association with Ironbark and Neil McPherson for the Finborough Theatre


Read The Guardian Review HERE

“…a beautiful production of a world class play, illuminated by sensitive, profoundly skilled direction and superb performances.” –


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