National Theatre of Parramatta

Putting the Nation on Stage

The National Theatre of Parramatta, Riverside Theatres resident company was established in 2015 and launched on November 19, 2015. Wayne was a member of the company’s inaugural Artistic Directorate from 2015 to 2017, and directed the sold-out production of Hakawati as part of the Sydney Festival. Read more here. He also co-directed Felicity Castagna’s The Incredible Here and Now with Jeneffa Soldatic.
National Theatre of Parramatta raises the profile of performance, and engages the imagination and creative ideas of Western Sydney and beyond, across the nation and ultimately internationally.
As part of the vibrant Western Sydney artistic community it aims to be a principal arts organisation contributing to the continued growth of the fastest growing region in Australia.
Diversity, inspiration and transformation. Reflecting today’s Australia through contemporary and bold performance.
Integral to National Theatre of Parramatta is its capacity-building program through which it offers mentorships, opportunities for playwrights, education programs and more. Visit the website.
2016 Performance season
Swallow directed by Kate Champion in April 2016
Stolen, directed by Vicki Van Hout – June 2016
Cartographer’s Curse – October 2016
Who Speaks for Me – October 2016