Book & Lyrics by Justin Fleming, Music by Stewart D'Arrietta

Cockroach Theatre, Las Vegas, June 2019

Once in a millennium, the residents of heaven and hell come together to dance the dance of seduction, the tango, at the All Souls’ Ball. But what happens when the master of mischief forgets his moves? All hell breaks loose when Satan meets Sofia in this tour-de-force. When good and evil tango together, it’s more than a dance; it’s a moment of truth.


Presented by Cockroach Theatre Company at the Art Square Theatre, June 6th-23rd, 2019.

Starring Toby Allen as Luciano Satani and Savannah Smith as Sofia, with Alejandro Domingo, Cate Farrow and Socorro Jones.


Director – Wayne Harrison

Musical Director – Keith Thompson

Choreographer – Alejandro Domingo

Costume Design – Abby Stroot

Lighting Design – Andy Killion

Sound Design – Timothy V. Herzog-Montalban


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